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The Strong Movement™: Strong Girl Guides Bundle [7-Digital Downloads]

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The Strong Movement™: Strong Girl Guides Bundle [Digital Download]
You will receive a download link for each Strong Girl Guide below.
  • Strong Girl Introduction
  • Strong Girl Lifestyle Guide
  • Strong Girl Fitness Plan + Strong Girl Exercise Glossary
  • Strong Girl Nutrition Plan
  • Strong Girl Recipe Book
  • Strong Girl 7-Day Shed & Shred Plan

The Strong Movement is on a mission to inspire women to BECOME THEIR BEST SELVES, BUILD STRONG BODIES & STRONG MINDS & LIVE CONFIDENTLY!

  • Learn how to set goals, create affirmations and visualizations
  • Develop a more positive & resilient attitude
  • Feel good about yourself, gain more confidence and & become the best version of yourself
  • Radiate Energy & Happiness
  • Join a supportive community of Strong Girls
  • Get toned, lean & healthy
  • Gain strength and build muscle & feminine curves
  • Burn fat, lose fat & slim down
  • Learn about fitness, how to workout, get started in the gym & be guided through the process
  • Challenge yourself with new workouts every 2 weeks
  • Learn what healthy foods to eat and at what time to build the body of your dreams
    What's Inside Each Section:
    Strong Girl Lifestyle Guide: Living A Strong Life
    • The Power of Visualization & Affirmations
    • Build A Strong Mind to Boost Confidence & Self Esteem
    • Strategic Steps to Achieve Success
    • How to Measure Progress: Mental & Physical
    • Tips & Secrets to the Strong Girl Lifestyle
    Strong Girl Fitness Plan: Building A Strong Body
    • 8-Week Step-by-Step Gym Training Guide & Calendar
    • Complete 4-Phase Progressive Workout Plan
    • 16 Different Workouts
    • Daily Exercise Guide
    • 7 Bonus Ab Workouts
    • 4 Bonus Booty Workouts
    • Stretching Guide
    • How to Get Started in the Gym
    • Over 75+ Exercise Descriptions + Videos: Sample Video Below!

    Bent Over Cable Rope Front Raises

    Understanding Exercise: The Science Behind Building A Strong Body
    • Benefits of Resistance Training
    • Cardio Training for Maximum Fat Loss
    • The Importance of Flexibility & Stretching
    • Sustaining the Strong Movement Fitness Lifestyle Beyond 8 Weeks—For Life!
    Strong Girl Nutrition Plan: Fueling A Strong Body
    • Custom Macronutrient Breakdown
    • Calculate Your Daily Calories, Carb, Protein & Fat Needs
    • Optimal Nutrient Timing Meal Guide Based on Time of Workout
    • Guide to Eating Out
    • Tips to Beat the Bloat
    • To Juice or To Blend
    • Grocery List
    • Supplement Guide
    • Food Safety
    • Marinating & Cooking
    • Alcoholic Drink Chart
    • 7-Day Sample Meal Plan Based on Time of Workout
    Understanding Nutrition: The Science Behind Fueling A Strong Body
    • Protein
    • Carbohydrates
    • Fats
    • Water
    • Alcohol
    Strong Girl Recipes: Strong Girl Approved!
    • Over 75+ Strong Recipes
    • Pancakes, Mug Cakes, Oatmeal, Eggs
    • Protein Shakes & Juices
    • Sauces, Marinades, Dressings & Dips
    • Soups & Salads
    • Strong Snacks & Sides
    • Strong Meals: Asian, Cuban, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean & Mexican
    • Baked Goodies
    • Drinks
    Strong Girl 7-Day Shed & Shred Guide
    • Step-By-Step 7-Day Plan to Your Best “You” for that Special Event
    • How to “Shed” & Debloat
    • 7-Day Meal & Workout Guide
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