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The Strong Movement™: Strong Girl Fitness Guide + 8-Week Workout Guide & Exercise Glossary [Digital Download]

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There's no class in school on how to workout or how to eat right. The gym can be extremely intimidating for women, especially when you don't know what exercises to do to achieve the body of your dreams.  No woman wants to embarrass herself trying to lift weights in front of the cute guys when she doesn't know what she's doing. So, what do most women do in this case? They either get on a cardio machine or not workout at all losing out on all of wonderful benefits of weight training. Weight training helps women lose fat and tone up and I'm on a mission to help women feel confident lifting weights in the weight room.
I wrote this Strong Girl Fitness Guide to help women understand the different pillars of fitness and the benefits they have for your body and ultimately life in an easy to understand way--from one girl to another.
I set out to learn everything about fitness when I found myself lost and intimidated in the gym after gaining the Freshman 15. These guides teach the basics from gym lingo and what shoes to wear to the different benefits of resistance training and cardio.
This 8-Week Workout Plan is broken down into 4 Phases. Each phase is two weeks. The workouts are broken down by day and body part and you repeat the same set of workouts for the two weeks before moving onto the next phase. Whether you're new to working out or are a seasoned fitness junkie these workouts challenge you, help you get stronger and take you to the next level.
The Exercise Glossary provides descriptions on all of the exercises that comprise the workouts in the 8-Week Plan. I am diligently working on creating Version 2.0 with photos and videos for reference.
With the purchase of this Strong Girl Fitness Guide you will receive all future updates (2.0, 3.0, etc). 
Ailis Garcia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPT.
Strong Girl Fitness Guide Contents:
Fitness Plan: Building A Strong Body
  • 8-Week Step-by-Step Gym Training Guide & Calendar
  • Complete 4-Phase Progressive Workout Plan
  • 16 Different Workouts
  • Daily Exercise Guide
  • Over 50+ Exercise Descriptions
  • 7 Bonus Ab Workouts
  • 4 Bonus Booty Workouts
  • Stretching Guide
  • How to Get Started in the Gym
Understanding Exercise: The Science Behind Building A Strong Body
  • Benefits of Resistance Training
  • Cardio Training for Maximum Fat Loss
  • The Importance of Flexibility & Stretching
  • Sustaining the Strong Movement Fitness Lifestyle Beyond 8 Weeks—For Life!
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